Patient Testimonials

Find out how other people have discovered their own OASYS of uninterrupted sleep and changed their lives…


"I have been trying everything to find an answer to my problem for 17 years now. I finally have the answer."
D. Campbell, retired airline pilot

"The OASYS is very comfortable. My nasal passages remain open all night and through the next day. I've had uninterrupted sleep since the first night of using the OASYS"
Alan Barnes

"This has saved my life. My family members keep commenting on how I look younger and healthier. My wife and I are so grateful and happy."
D.B., retired airline pilot

"I have never endorsed a product previously ...UNTIL NOW....this device has improved my sleep, my health and my general is wonderful!"
Jim Colton

"I've successfully used a CPAP machine for several years. A friend told me of the OASYS device. After consultation with my ENT I gave it a shot. No more lugging the CPAP machine case on trips and trying to find electrical outlets in hotel rooms!! The OASYS device really works as well as the CPAP machine."

"My Ear Nose and Throat doctor recommended OASYS after I had problems using the CPAP. The OASYS sleep apnea device worked better than my CPAP and was more comfortable and easy to use. In addition to eliminating snoring and associated sleep apnea symptoms OASYS made breathing easier during allergy season and corrected the problems I had with grinding my teeth. So I got three problems solved with one device!"

"THANKS! It worked great with my wife last night. Like I said I have tried several different devices over time. Some of the appliances did not really even work well. With no adjustments to the appliance, wife wore it through the night and had not complaints this morning. This is going to be something that we can be confident in"
Dr. Sanders

"I tried the bi-pap machine for two years and even lugged it on business trips all over the world. But the results from the machine were limited. It would help me get to sleep but if I woke in the night I always took it off, it was just too uncomfortable. The OASYS has made a world of difference"
J. Gordon

"As a last resort the specialist recommended OASYS and the results were spectacular: almost instant relief, very little time getting use to the device, improved nasal breathing and no more sleep apnea. This device is miraculous. I don't think I could live without it!"
T. Forham

"I saw the OASYS on television and decided to try it. I had been using the C-PAP machine for 8 months and was ready to give up. I adjusted to the OASYS immediately. I no longer make snoring noises and my wife is happy about that. My high blood pressure has gone down and generally, I feel more rested. I was worried about traveling with the big C-PAP machine, now I can take my OASYS appliance anywhere."
L. Lange

"I was diagnosed three years ago with mild OSA and told by the sleep doctor that I might be helped by this sleep device, but that I would probably do better with CPAP, the "gold standard." Not wanting to use CPAP, I decided to try the OASYS, and it was the turning point in my recovery. Recently, I had a second sleep study and it showed that while wearing the Oasys, my RDI went from 9.1 to 1.0! That's wonderful, as only those who suffer from constantly disrupted sleep can appreciate"
O. Valmore