OASYS Dental Partners

OASYS is committed to supporting today's dental professionals become experts in the field of dental sleep medicine. We continuously research new ways to help dentists incorporate sleep dentistry into their practice. Sleep dentistry is one of the most burgeoning areas in the field of dentistry and sleep disorders and sleep appliances are, in every sense of the word, a growing concern. Partnering with OASYS helps today's dentists stay ahead of the curve to diversify their dental practice offerings and be at forefront of this new frontier.

As an OASYS Dental Partner you will receive placement in our online listing of dental sleep medicine professionals, receive the latest news in the field of dental sleep medicine, have access to the latest product updates, and information on upcoming continuing education events and workshops. To become an OASYS Dental Partner call us at 1-916-865-4528 or email Jim Addiego at jimaddiego@gmail.com.

Become a preferred OASYS Dental Partner provider and receive exposure to new patients and the latest news on dental sleep medicine.

OASYS is committed to assisting new dentists that wish to incorporate sleep dentistry into their practice. To get started, please call us at 1-916-865-4528.