Clinical FAQ's

Isn't CPAP a better way to treat sleep apnea?

For some sleep apnea patients, the best method of treatment may indeed be CPAP. However, it has drawbacks, including discomfort from the mask, a dry or stuffy nose, and eye irritation. CPAP treatment for OSA is only effective if the patient is willing to use the device. Unfortunately, due to the often uncomfortable and invasive nature of this treatment method CPAP has a relatively low compliance rate ranging from 40% to 70%. Many patients find this treatment uncomfortable or intolerable and seek an alternate treatment method such as the OASYS. Also, there is robust evidence of the efficacy of oral appliances for improving polysomnographic indices and modifying the health risk associated with OSA. The current evidence suggests a similar impact on health outcomes as CPAP. For more information from the latest clinical research click here (link to Clinical Studies

How does the OASYS device work?

The OASYS® is a custom made medical device, designed to hold the lower jaw (mandible) forward while the patient sleeps. The OASYS®™ repositions the mandible forward which brings the base of the tongue forward, opening and strengthening the upper airway. This results in greater resistance to airway collapse. By holding against the front teeth it repositions the mandible in a gentle way. In addition, the OASYS®™ is easily adjusted to position the mandible in the most effective forward posture. The OASYS® provides freedom of motion by allowing movement of the mandible in all directions without locking onto the upper arch.

Why is the OASYS superior to other dental devices for the treatment of sleep apnea?

The OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System™ is the only dental device to treat both vulnerable areas of the upper airway, the nasal and oropharyngeal, with one patented system. The OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System™ strengthens the throat area by pulling the lower jaw and tongue forward to prevent the tongue from blocking the airflow and strengthening the throat against collapse.

The OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System™ is the only dental device for treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea that has the capacity to open the path of air through the nose. The patented device uses buttons under the lips which create a gentle stretch of the upper lip region and puts traction on the inner nasal tissue to dilate the nose. This increases the nasal volume and reduces the resistance of airflow an average of 50%.

Is my patient suitable?

As per the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine , oral appliance therapy with a product such as the OASYS is indicated for:

  • Patients with primary snoring or mild OSA who do not respond to, or are not appropriate candidates for treatment with behavioral measures such as weight loss or sleep-position change.
  • Patients with moderate to severe OSA should have an initial trial of nasal CPAP, due to greater effectiveness with the use of oral appliances.
  • Patients with moderate to severe OSA who are intolerant of or refuse treatment with nasal CPAP. Oral appliances are also indicated for patients who refuse treatment, or are not candidates for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, cranofacial operations, or tracheostomy.

Will insurance cover the costs for this product?

For many patients, insurance may cover the associated costs and clinical fees associated with the OASYS. Please click here for more information about insurance coverage. (link to Insurance information)

How can I become an OASYS dental partner?

OASYS is committed to supporting today's dental professionals become experts in the field of dental sleep medicine. For more information click here (hyperlink to OASYS Dental Partners section)