Description of the OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System®

The OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System® the only dental device for treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea that is FDA approved to treat both the oral and nasal airway. It was reviewed by both the dental and ENT divisions of the FDA and approved two categories - acting as a nasal dilator and mandibular repositioner with one oral appliance system.

This appliance is unique because it acts in multiple areas at once. It acts as a nasal dilator by stretching the upper lip from inside of the mouth to dilate the nasal passage. ENT physicians perform a test called the Cottle Maneuver in which they test for improved nasal airflow by stretching the skin on the sides of the nose from the outside which causes the same nasal dilation as the OASYS Oral Nasal Airway System® does from the inside.

The OASYS Oral Nasal Airway System® keeps a sleeping persons pharyngeal airway open during the night by acting as a mandibular repositioner, pulling the lower jaw forward and bringing the tongue forward so it does not block the throat air passage just like one trained in CPR would do to open the airway so one could breathe into the lungs to resuscitate an unconscious person.

It is a custom-made appliance that snaps easily over the lower teeth. One inserts the base onto the lower teeth and brings the lower jaw forward to bring the upper shield extension in front of the upper anterior teeth which holds the lower jaw forward. There is a thin splint that goes over the upper dental arch that acts as a cushion for the upper teeth.

Optional Tongue Repositioning Acrylic Buttons can be added to the lower splint to lift the tongue and posture it up and forward, to help keep it from falling back into the airway during sleep.  These buttons have shown significant reduction of the AHI in even the most Severe OSA patient, i.e. 100 AHI without the device, to 1.4 AHI with the Oasys with Tongue Buttons (D. John Bixby - comfort Sleep Services - New Jersey)